Picasso Retrospective
10/1 - October 28, 2019
August 1st, 2016 Open Daily 10am - 5pm
Opening Reception August 1st, 2016 8:00pm
Picasso Retrospective


With a prolific career that spanned seven decades, Pablo Picasso is well known for his early 20th-century experiments in Cubism. Yet in 1913, on the occasion of his first major retrospective at Heinrich Thannhauser’s Moderne Galerie, Munich, Picasso’s champions praised his masterful versatility, claiming that he defied categorization and ignored “the boundaries set for him as a painter.” Take a closer look at that historic exhibition, which featured work that the artist created from 1901 to 1912—work that revealed the 31-year-old Picasso as an artist of extraordinary creativity who had already significantly influenced European artists.


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