Nancy Boyd


About the Artist:

Prior to teaching drawing and painting at Capilano University for 23 years, Nancy worked as a designer and architectural renderer in Vancouver, most notably for Expo 86. Nancy is still affected by those influences and maintains a fascination with viewpoints and the conflation of scale between the microscopic to the cosmic. Much of her work reflects her enjoyment of the intersection of science and aesthetics, or of the rational and the deeply felt. She takes great pleasure in being a witness to things in the world that create a sense of wonder in us.

Nancy has shown extensively around Greater Vancouver for over 30 years in both private and public galleries, including the public galleries of Richmond, Surrey, Burnaby, and Coquitlam. In addition, her work has been exhibited in the U.S., Japan, and Australia.


Selected Solo and Group Shows

2017    Works on Paper, South Main Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2016    Gallery Artists, South Main Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2015    More Wabi Sabi, Wallace Galleries, Calgary Alberta
2014    Wabi Sabi: Dark Matter, SOPA Gallery, Kelowna, BC
2014    Final Capilano Grad and Faculty Show, Gordon Smith Gallery, North Vancouver, BC   
2013    Exploring Abstraction    Wallace Galleries, Calgary, Alberta
2012    New Artists    Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2009    (to 2012) Under 8 SOPA Gallery, Kelowna, BC
2009    Vancouver International Drawing Festival    Elliot Louis Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2008    New Work    Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2007    Faculty Exhibit    Capilano University, North Vancouver, BC
2006    Against The Cold    Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2006    New Work (with Andy Petterson)    Wallace Galleries, Calgary, Alberta
2006    Faculty Exchange Exhibit    University of Wollongong, Australia
2004    New Work (with Camrose Ducote)    Wallace Galleries, Calgary, Alberta
2004    Scanquest    Elliot Louis Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2002    Resonance Imaging    Ballard/Lederer Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2002    Artists' Books    Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby, BC
1999    Drawings of Classical Sculpture    John Ramsay Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1999    Portrait Analogs    Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby, BC
1999    Portrait Analogs    Evergreen Cultural Centre, Coquitlam, BC
1998    Printmakers    Fran Willis Gallery, Victoria, BC
1997    Ji Ku / Space Time    Asian Centre, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
1996    Gallery Artists    John Ramsay Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1994    Into the Labyrinth    John Ramsay Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1993    Vessels    Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC
1992    Faculty Exhibit    Aiki Gekusan College, Osaka, Japan
1990    Boyd 1984-1990    Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, BC
1990    Group Show    Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1987    Sports Paradigms    Equinox Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1984    Limits of Measure    Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1984    Limits of Measure    Lawrence International Gallery, Bellingham, Washington, US

Selected Collections

Telesat Canada                                                
Air Canada                                                    
Hotel Georgia                                                 
Briant, Angus, McLelland & Rubenstein            
First City Financial Corporation                       
Lignum Ltd.                                                    
St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver                          
Capilano University
McDonald's Canada Ltd.
City of Vancouver
MacAulay McColl
Fireside Industries
Peterson, Yan, Anderson
The Keg, Toronto
Vancouver General Hospital


I think it is important to remind ourselves to be in awe of the world, to continue to 'see' freshly.  I enjoy looking for beauty in less conventional places.  And although my first love is drawing, the accidents of process inherent in using varied media can also create that fresh and exciting way of seeing as I move through a piece. 

I'm looking for the universal by witnessing and recording the particular, often in highly re-ordered or abstracted ways.  The evidence of my own searching and curiosity may take me to the interior of the body, to the atmosphere of space or to the cell under a microscope.  I often think my curiosity is similar to a scientist's though I have completely different methods.  Instead of looking for 'proofs' in my work, I want only to witness, to take pleasure in creating and to be curious about what I see and what it might mean.

– Nancy Boyd

Associated Exhibitions

November 18 - December 3, 2016
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